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Ascend Spine + Sport

Sports Medicine and Performance Clinic

At Ascend Spine and Sport we specialize in providing diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of sports and activity related injuries. We further offer strength and conditioning, performance services, and consultations for athletes and non-athletes alike. We focus on all sports related injuries, ranging from acute to chronic. We believe that in order to get any athlete or individual back to peak performance it is important to incorporate rehabilitation, therapies, and exercise into all treatment programs. This means combining both passive and active therapies to ensure full return to sport and life activities. We focus on empowering our patients and clients with the knowledge and experience necessary to perform active therapies at home to ensure continued progress and performance. Whether you are a pro-athlete, weekend warrior, or wanting to get active again and out of pain, we are here to help you in that journey.


Strength and Performance Testing


Regenerative Medicine


Training Plans

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