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Regenerative Medicine

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine involves different treatments and therapies that help the body heal or regenerate at a higher rate than normal. These therapies are designed to restore proper healing in difficult tissues, speed recovery, and maximize strength. This process can help restore proper structure and function of damaged tissues, and the body’s normal healing routine in conditions where healing has been decreased due to pathogenic factors.


The majority of these treatments are non-invasive, non-pharmacologic substances, or the patient’s own cells that are used to stimulate healing of the injured area of the body.

How does Regenerative Medicine compare to other standard injections and treatments?

Regenerative medicine therapies are typically anabolic in nature, meaning they stimulate repair, growth, rebuilding, and activate proliferative pathways to augment healing. Many non-regenerative therapies such as hydrocortisone, are catabolic in nature, meaning they slow tissue growth, healing, and disrupt collagen bonding in tissue. Anabolic and catabolic injections/treatments both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the pathology of the injury in question.

Is Regenerative Medicine right for me?

Not all injuries, athletes, or conditions warrant the use of regenerative medicine. The use of regenerative medicine depends on the goals of the athlete, patient, and clinician. It also depends on the injury and how well or poorly the tissue has responded to other therapies. Many injuries can heal normally without the use of regenerative medicine. However, some injuries need a boost to get back on track in order to restore full strength and function.


What Regenerative Medicine Treatments are offered at Ascend Spine and Sport?


Current Regenerative Therapies offered at Ascend Spine and Sport include:


  1. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

  2. Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Injections

  3. Prolo-therapy Injections

  4. Ozone Injections and Therapy

  5. EPAT Shockwave Therapy (Extracorporeal shock wave therapy)

  6. Homeopathic Peptide Injections

What injuries respond well to Regenerative Medicine Treatments?

As a whole, regenerative medicine treatments can address many different conditions, with each specific treatment (PRP, PRF, Ozone, etc.) excelling with certain conditions or phases of healing.

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